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 GBB blues...

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PostSubject: GBB blues...   Wed Oct 20 2010, 23:56

Ok so i recently purchased a we pdw from a friend who customized it a bit. The thing works great. Of course i believe that is an exception since it has been modified. My we scar on the other hand... is a lemon. A friend of mine and fellow airsoft player also purchased a we scar and other lemon. It seems that the we scar gbb are hit and miss right out of the box with more emphasis on the miss. It seems often you will have to purchase the Ra-tech upgrades to get it working right and thats about another 90-100 dollars. Last time you guys saw my scar the "bolt carrier" cracked. It has since been replaced and now the problem is the hop up as the one that is in the scar doesnt work for shit. Accuracy is also a problem with 30 rounds in your mag pretty much every one of them counts. I am going to run some further field tests with it, but im not to optimistic about it. We tech has also recently released a gas g36c, though the videos look cool, im pretty sure this product is of a par or perhaps inferior quality. I really dont have to much faith in the we gbb with the exception of the pdw.

I have not met or seen anyone with the G&P Woc X gbb (here is the link, so there is a chance that they are a better functioning platform of course getting parts here in the US has got to be a major obstacle. If you are interested the only site i have seen them on is Ehobbyasia. The G&P ones seem to be able to accept magazines from a wide range of makers which is is a plus, but again i have no idea of the reliablity. Of course i do not know if US customs will have a problem letting the G&P gbb into the country.

Blowback armory also has a selection of GBB's from we tech and they also offer the options of the Ra-tech and their own cnc machined internals for all their we gbb. The bill however for that is anywhere between 300-2000. That is easily the cost a a real M4 based weapons system along with accessories and ammo. As I have said to Jag before the only real company I would trust with a GBB is KWA, hopefully they will be releasing their M4 gbb in time for christmas. Western Arms along with KJW also make GBB, but as far as i know the WA's are banned from the US and cannot be shipped in to the country. The only time i have seen a KJW m4 in action was at the 9/11 event at warped ops field and that was from guy that won it in the raffle (sorry Jag, one day you will win a raffle and you laugh mockingly at all around you).

So if you want a GBB rifle be prepared to spend some cash and go through some disappointment. I will say it is very satisfying to use it on the field and hear its "rapport", but to me its little satisfaction for too much goddamn trouble. So be weary when purchasing them as unfortunately you will most likely get a lemon and that good ol buyers remorse. Unlike Aeg's very few GBB rifles work right out the box which is a damn shame since they certainly enhance the fun factor when playing airsoft or milsim ( yes the 2 are mutually exclusive). Since this is a rather expensive sport and it seems that GBB are some of the more expensive weapon systems, unfortuntely its like buying a Ferrari then finding out it was assembled in some sweatshop in southeast asia by some kids who were paid .25 cents a month to make it.
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GBB blues...
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