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 2012JUL07 Forge Airsoft Arena

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PostSubject: 2012JUL07 Forge Airsoft Arena   Sun Jul 08 2012, 13:32

GreyGhost, justinsinner, and I went to Forge Airsoft Arena. Needless to say there were a lot of newcomers and cheating amoungst the group.. it was still fun and ended up some pretty epic things using teamwork and tactics to complete the objectives. They also had a raffle. GreyGhost thought he won the pistol when someone said his last name but ended up being someone else..everyone should comfort him in his time of need sorry Will Sad. If GreyGhost or justinsinner want to add anything please do and Forge was nice enough to take some pics they said they will post them today once they do I will post them here
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PostSubject: Re: 2012JUL07 Forge Airsoft Arena   Mon Jul 09 2012, 03:28

Thanks Diesel!
Check the facebook for the Forge at, I think there's some more pics up there.

Let's see, overall a great day of airsofting. Lots of new-ish players at the arena mixed with some more experienced. I had two other friends from SCSB Airsoft with us aswell, which made for some fun matches whether we split up the SCSB / SS03 teams or teamed up.

Begin Rant\ The lack of gun safety with some of the younger players was pretty appalling. Kids swinging guns, looking down barrels, shooting themselves in the foot, etc etc...and the usual "friendly fire" from them got a little on the annoying side...especially since this was a group that was with a "trainer". Perhaps this guy should look into a new career, maybe dressing in a clown suit and serving pizza would better fit his experience level. /End Rant

Good day, though. There was a round where myself, Diesel, and GreyGhost decided to use some rush-tactics and between the 3 of us took out almost every member of the other team in under 2 minutes (or something like that).
Some of the other games later on were pretty cheesy / stupid. Once that started happening, I let my gf come out and play with us and just kind of took it easy after that. I think I only got in one person's face for not continually calling his hits (ha).

Had a great time, though (as always)! Can't wait to get back out to another field with you guys and meet some of the other members.

ALSO, if ever just want to roll out and have a quick pick-up game ANYWHERE in So-Cal (and your team cannot make it), JOIN the SCSB Airsoft group. It's basically a staging area for loyal / active airsoft adults who enjoy the sport and love meeting new like-minded people. Diesel and Ghost met 2 of the members at The Forge.
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PostSubject: Re: 2012JUL07 Forge Airsoft Arena   Mon Jul 09 2012, 04:58

As Diesel and Sinner put out, we had a GREAT time! Ya, we had some newbies out there for the most part, still learning the ropes. One of the kids were trying to tell me to go one way. Of course, as usual, trying to give orders blindly, although giving him some credit for standing up, however, I went the other way and took out a couple of the opposing side before getting shot out. It was cool. Another senerio, we had another guy on our side with a riot shield, that made it more interesting while the opposing side were trying to take him out and hit only a couple of times. At that point I was getting a little restless since we were getting pinned. I then broke thru the fatal funnel and took out the opposing figure behind the door. Ya, I got shot out at the same time, but it was worth it. I did a few theatric moves in other scenerios, like in one room, I dove onto the matress and shot at opposing side at a door way only to miss them while they closed the door. Another scenerio, I went thru a closed door with both pistols arm length on both sides taking them out. Again, I got shot in the process but was worth it.

There was alot of doors closed and held closed for that matter. Even alot of bunching up by the new players. I personally think they were a little entimidated by the older and experience players. But in time they will learn the ethics and honor of the sport. That is what the experienced players are there for, to mentor and train them right. Gotta give that "trainer" some credit. and have to remember that kids are gonna do what they want until they learn the hard way and then they listen. There are only a select few that really let it sink into their bones and give it their heart. The others, well, they tend to immulate their video games.

Overall, I had a great time . Even though it was just Diesel and Sinner and myself, we maintained our efforts and continued to kick ass! And for the most part, everyone that we met had great attitudes with great play!

"Quality over Quantity."

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PostSubject: Re: 2012JUL07 Forge Airsoft Arena   

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2012JUL07 Forge Airsoft Arena
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